It’s what every guy wants to know:

“what’s the MAGIC line to make her LIKE me?!?”

It’s a question that’s eluded the greatest minds of all time. Freud spent a lifetime trying to understand what women “want”, and even he couldn’t figure it out.

So elusive. So mysterious. Can we ever really understand what women want?

And what about the challenge of meeting women?

Making a first impression either in real life or over tinder is so insanely important, we need to have that perfect, clever, witty line to really make us stand out, to really make us different. The secret line that unlocks her heart, makes her instantly want to go to bed with us, and never ghost.

I mean, all the other guys seem to have mastered the line right?

Recently, I sat down with Johnny Sopporno, who’s one of the greatest in the entire world when it comes to talking to women, and after much convincing and coercion, he FINALLY revealed the magical line to me.


Okay deep breath.

Here we go:

“Hi! My name is Johnnie! What’s your name?”

Just swap out Johnnie’s name for yours. Simple, right?

We tend to over complicate something that’s actually surprisingly simple.

And why do we overcomplicate it? Probably because we’re trying to cover up our own insecurities.

We figure that women could never actually like us for who we are, so we need to pretend to be someone who’s just super cool, suave, on top of the world, ultra masculine, endlessly witty, creative and the dominant alpha male. We need to be “the man”, right? Whatever that means.

Keep it simple

What if it’s actually way simpler, what if we could just shamelessly be ourselves, and focus more on getting to know her, instead of racking our brains for the perfect line?

Johnny went on to say that deep down, many men really don’t love and respect themselves, and also don’t love and respect women. So they put on shields and masks to try to pretend that they’re something they’re not.

But here’s the problem: women are built to see right through your bullshit. It’s built into their biology.

A woman can tell from across the room what you think of yourself. She can tell whether you like yourself, she can tell what you think of women, and she can tell how confident and decisive you are.

Just from your body language, your posture, your eye contact, in essence, your energy.

So if women can so easily see through your image, why even pretend in the first place? She’s just going to shatter it down eventually, and now you’ve got a messy breakup with fighting and drama, because she’s discovered you’re not actually who you pretended to be.

So let’s start there: How do you learn to like yourself?

On the surface it sounds easy, you just have to like yourself! But with that, means the heavy burden of accepting all of your failures, your insecurities, all your shortcomings, all the times you were wrong and all the times you messed things up. And most guys try to run from all that.

So instead of running away, run head on into it.

Shamelessly accept and love yourself as the person you are, flaws, warts and all. Afterall, all of your failures and mistakes, brought you to the place you are now, remember?

So what does real success actually look like?

You had the courage to go over and say hi.

You can never control people’s reactions to you, but as long as you’re an authentic man, and you walk over and say hi when you just need to meet her, then that my friends, is success.

– Jared Psych Laurence

Founder: Modern Flirting

Author: The Psychology of Modern Flirting

Dating Mentor and International Speaker, San Diego