We all know that feeling of being ghosted right?

It’s enough to make you want to curl up in a ball  and hibernate for the winter and wake up in a pizza stained onesie.

Basically, this dress sums it up perfectly.

Hands down, this is the best holiday of the year. When else can you dress up as literally anything you want and get away with it?

It’s a great new time to meet people, everyone is out, everyone is being social, and best of all, nobody gives a f***. Normal social barriers are ripped away, and just for a night, we’re allowed to be anything.

So what if you’re seeing a guy? You guys have plans to meet up and it’s definitely solid, right?


Here’s 5 ways To Not Get Ghosted This Halloween

1 – Bring your A game – wear an outfit he’d be an idiot to miss.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Black Widow… the list goes on (okay I’m a nerd…sue me)

Remember, this is Halloween – this is the night to get dressed up and be the best/worst/silliest/dirtiest version of yourself you can. It’s kinda like Vegas…what happens on Halloween, stays on Halloween…and just maybe all over instagram as well (hi mom!).

The point is, wear something you feel like a f***ing boss in. Own the night.

And if he misses it, guess who’s the idiot now when your photos are blowing up everyone’s newsfeed in a post-halloween dreamy haze.

2 – Make plans at least a week in advance

Some guys like to wait till the last minute to see what options they have. I mean, why commit when there’s a chance something better might come along…right?

But here’s the thing, you already know you’re going to the best party in town (because you’re there, obvi), so lock it down and make it official. This is the power of having a strong social circle. Pick the party, pick the time and stick to it.

The sooner you’ve got plans in place, the less likely he’ll be scoping out other options.

3 – Keep him wanting more. Keep some mystery, some intrigue. 

They say distance makes the heart fonder…

He needs to want you, which means he needs to be chasing. If you’re always the one chasing him, then there’s no space for him to chase you, and he’ll likely lose interest.

There is a constant push-pull that happens underneath the surface of all relationships. Remember not to get too excited and over-invest.

Build some mystery, build some intrigue, by being slightly distant and aloof, and let him be the one coming after you.

4 – Have high standards about how men treat you

People will treat you how you let people treat you. If you don’t respect yourself, then how can you expect a guy to? If you let men get away with s****y behaviour, they won’t like you more. In fact, they’ll quickly like you less. So it’s up to you to stand up for yourself and demand respect.

If he flakes, if he stands you up on dates, if you have a series of unanswered texts, if he can’t look you in the eyes, if he disappears for no reason then suddenly reappears, and you keep going back to him, then what does that tell him about how he can treat you?

5 – Date men who are honest

I mean, thanks Captain Obvious…

But hear me out. Men who are truly in tune and secure with themselves won’t ghost you. Ghosting and playing games is for boys.

How do you know if a guy can communicate honestly?

Bring up something real like going on a trip or moving in together. See how he reacts and responds. Is he there with you, or does he just laugh and change the subject?

And if s*** does hit the fan? Take some consolation in knowing it wasn’t just you.

Happy Halloween’ing

– Jared Psych Laurence

Founder, Modern Flirting

Author: The Psychology of Modern Flirting

Dating Mentor and International Speaker, San Diego