Jared "Psych" Laurence 

Jared “Psych” Laurence was brought up in Ft Lauderdale Florida, after being adopted by his loving parents. But quickly Jared realized he didn’t really belong anywhere since he was bad at sports, was always the shortest in his class, and couldn’t make any friends.


Having to find his own way, he suffered one blow after another in his dating life. He and his girlfriend of two years in high school told themselves they’d wait for marriage to have sex together as they were both virigns at the time. But his girlfriend decided to leave him and lose her virginity to another guy after only a month of dating. Not only that, but his prom date left him to sleep with another guy on prom night. 

Jared saw the lowest of lows any man could, and he turned to therapy for crippling depression as a result. 


He didn’t let it stop him though, and was determined to make a change and figure this part of his life out. He set out on a path of discovery, going down every rabbit hole trying to learn how to get good with women.

And one day it all clicked...

After being exposed to self-help forums, he took what he could learn on his own and his formal education in Psychology to create a new life. After years of trial and error, he finally was able to have the dating life he had dreamed of as a young kid bullied in high school. 


Now armed with the necessary social skills to better himself and the tools to connect with anyone, Jared began dating mentoring in 2007 and eventually founded Modern Flirting to help entrepreneurs and professionals empower themselves and connect with the person of their dreams.

He’s been featured in seminars and popular media including:

  • MTV's "Made"
  • Oxygen's "Bad Girl's Club"
  • A&E Documentary "Born This Way"
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • FOX News
  • NBC News
  • "The Great Love Debate"
  • "The 21 Convent Men's Conference"

After helping so many men get the results that they wanted with incredible women in their lives, Jared brought on a handpicked group of coaches to help change even more men’s lives in less time. 


Get to know them below.


In 2007, Kosmo was on the reality show on VH1 called Pick Up Artist. In front of millions of people watching across the world, Kosmo went through a life-changing transformation and won the show. He called it an “anxiety ridden, terrifying, embarrassing, and challenging” experience, and went through it all on National TV. 


He challenged his own personal identity, was forced to face his worst fears, but on the other end of that was his wildest dreams. He’s now coached hundreds of seminars across the world, taught over 1,400 men how to defeat social anxiety, build attraction, create lasting connections and a social life with high value guys and beautiful women. 

Kosmo is best known for coaching several Pro Athletes, Celebrities, Navy Seals, Club owners, (the type of guys you wouldn’t think have a tough time with understanding women). He’s mostly passionate about healing childhood traumas, social anxiety, depression and loneliness. Kosmo is known for his tough love coaching, no fluff, and his high energy and enthusiasm. And his best friend is his dog named Rambo, his self-proclaimed ultimate wingman.

 Albert Destrade 

Managing Partner and VP of Modern Flirting, Albert Destrade brings 12 plus years of experience in the industry. A polished pro in the field, Albert has mentored and instructed students from all across the United States and abroad.


An original collaborator and longtime cohort of Jared “Psych” Laurence, the duo began working together over a decade ago under the Florida based company, Miami Dating Coach.

Albert is an established presence and innovator in the industry. He has appeared as a dating coach, on MTV’s MADE, Univision’s Spanish language version of Good Morning America, “Despierta America” in addition to finishing runner up on CBS’s highest watched reality series of all time “Survivor.”


Albert shares his dating insights and lighthearted social commentary on the multi-platform hit podcast, “It’s Not Polite to Ask.”

 Jamie Date

Jamie Date prides herself on never having a bad date - and she can teach you to do the same. She began her professional career as a top performer in the hardest industry: door to door sales. Getting strangers to like and trust her in a very short amount of time became her most sought after skill. This led her to begin working as one of the seven dating coaches who lead Modern Flirting. Her rapid growth on TikTok and the dating industry at large, Jamie Date has put her talents into teaching, working with clients all over the world.

Her humor, unmatched. Her energy, electric. She keeps you on your toes, simultaneously lifting you up in self-loving confidence. Jamie is known for her way of explaining the concepts and tangible methods surrounding attraction. Her mission is to enlighten everyone she teaches with the social skill set required to positively influence the world around them. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram at @jamiedate

 Dale Valor 

Dale has always been extremely passionate about the things he does. But when it came to women and social interactions, he always felt out of his element, always anxious and uncertain about what to do and what to say. 


That is until he discovered that you can learn to be better with meeting women. Dale took massive action as he learned from all the gurus and ideas in this area of attraction and seduction piecing together his own blueprint by putting everything under the microscope, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t. 


With more than a decade put into the game, having had tremendous success with some of the most beautiful women, Dale went on to start teaching men how he did it, how anyone committed to success in this area can do it without going to the lengths he’d gone through.

Nicholas Hosein

Nicholas has coached men for over 3 years across Europe and America. He specializes in having low drama relationships, healthy open relationships, and in meeting women in the daytime.


His passions include photography, fashion, and rock climbing. His philosophy with game is: “Every interaction should make the woman feel like she is living through a real life romantic comedy.”

We here at Modern Flirting cannot wait to help you get the results you’ve wanted with women, in a way that fits your needs and your lifestyle.


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